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The responsible traveller's charter
in motorhomes, campervans and converted vans

I will use common sense where I park to protect nature and nice places!



Parking area

Before parking (with my motorhome, equipped camper van or van), I will make sure the place and its access are authorised by local regulations or the owner of the place

I will park

- properly, on one parking spot only
- without gathering several vehicles and without staying several nights at the same place, especially if the place is free, very busy or limited in capacity (=itinerancy)
- observing a respectful distance from others and greet other travellers


Black and grey water draining

I will drain my black and grey waters only in areas designated for this purpose, never in the natural environment. Thousands of designated areas exist on the app! And I accept to contribute to the costs of services that may have a fee.

Local economy

Supporting the local economy

And I will support local business as much as possible (markets, local producers, restaurants...).

Camping Car

Responsible behaviour

I will avoid "camping behaviour" on public roads because unpacking accessories (wheel chocks, awnings, tables, tents...) can be forbidden or can harm the nomad travellers' image.


Natural environment

I will respect the natural environment of the place, flora and fauna that surrounds me

- I leave nothing but footprints. If I can't dispose or recycle my waste, I will take it with me
- Nature is everyone's responsibility, I won't hesitate to pick up waste found at the spot
- I won't light campfires or barbecues in nature, unless explicitly authorised
- I will be discreet and respect the tranquillity of the place (no loud music, TV, pets...), both during day and night
- I will choose another spot if it's already "full"

Talking person
Private place

On a private place

- I will introduce myself when I arrive
- I will respect animals and the life rhythm of the place
- I will ask permission before unpacking exterior materials (including barbecue) and my pets

Travelling is being responsible and respectful
of all that surrounds me...
It's all up to me! #NATUREPROTECT

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