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(80040) Terzigno - 174 Corso Alessandro Volta

Created on 17.08.2021 by parkcelia12
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  • Drinking water

Fontaine d’eau, pas très fraîche

Water fountain, not very cool

Wasserfontäne, nicht sehr cool

Fuente de agua, no muy fresca.

Fontana d'acqua, non molto bella

Waterfontein, niet erg cool

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  • 40.7898, 14.5008 (lat, lng)
    N 40°47’23.3304” E 14°30’2.9736”

  • 174 Corso Alessandro Volta
    80040 Terzigno,
    flag-it Italy

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  • 4/5

    The slow flow definitely leaves something to be desired, however we were very grateful for its presence! I can confirm that the water was cool, and you can also park in the strip of scrap land behind the fountain.