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Endroit très agréable sous les eucalyptus, à l'entrée des gorges et 5 mins à pied du site d'escalade de Ain Belmusk. Gorges magnifiques, plein de tortues aquatiques. Accès par piste un peu longue mais bonne. Quelques locaux sont venus de promener le weekend.

Very pleasant place under the eucalyptus trees, at the entrance of the gorges and 5 mins walk from the climbing site of Ain Belmusk. Magnificent gorges, full of aquatic turtles. Access by a little long but good track. Some locals came to walk the weekend. Calm and good for a break. Forbidden to stay at night

Sehr angenehmer Ort unter den Eukalyptusbäumen, am Eingang der Schluchten und 5 Gehminuten vom Klettergebiet von Ain Belmusk entfernt. Herrliche Schluchten voller Wasserschildkröten. Zugang über einen etwas langen, aber guten Weg. Einige Einheimische kamen am Wochenende zu Fuß. Ruhig und gut für eine Pause. Nachts bleiben verboten

  • 32.6778, -7.6836 (lat, lng)
    N 32°40’40.2456” W 7°41’1.0788”

  • Settat Province,
    flag-ma Morocco

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  • 5/5

    Abbiamo passato una notte tranquilla, confermo che nessuno è venuto a mandarci via. È un oasi magnifica, ci sono dei bambini che vengono a giocare (attenti sono curiosi e spesso per gioco vogliono rubare qualcosa dal van),la mattina passano le pecore e le capre e c'è un laghetto con tantissime tartarughe. Ci sono 3 cani randagi, dategli qualcosa da mangiare. C'è una mappa nelle foto per arrivare.

  • 5/5

    Terrific place near a small stream with lots of turtles, frogs, and very friendly stray dogs. Locals come to visit the small water falls, so it can be busy before dark. Off-pavement but hard packed and fine for MoHo or long vehicle. I think the folks who were escorted away in 2020 was due to Covid lockdown.

  • 1/5

    Emmenés la nuit même à la brigade la plus proche en pleine ville. Dommage, ce site avait l'air superbe.

  • 5/5

    Passé une nuit agréable, pas dérangé du tout, les gorges sont superbes et permettent de faire une chouette ballade, vraiment tranquille juste la route escarpé mais accessible en van et cc sûrement aussi. Par contre nous n’avons vus aucune tortues :( :(

  • 5/5

    Spent two nights. Excellent spot next to a spectacular gorge which you can walk through. We actually stopped just before the fjord at the entrance to the car park, as it was dark when we arrived and couldn't judge the depth. Locals gave us no bother, they just smiled and waved as they passed us. Plenty of wildlife about, dogs, sheep, goats and foxes. We didn't see the turtles though, unfortunately.

  • 2/5

    Amazing location, other r/v's didn't do it justice, but we were watched by local men. 2 came knocking just before night demanding money, first 20, then 20 each. It was a bit of a tense situation and they were a bit threatening. We ended up paying them 20 and they left us alone, but there was a group of guys playing music nearby late into the night. We didn't feel very comfortable or welcomed :(

  • 4/5

    Very beautiful area. Can climb rock gorge for a great view. Camped under the trees at entrance. Very quiet and peaceful. Local Sheriff told us we must leave or pay 50D for security to stay the night. Negotiated 20D total and had a great nights sleep.

  • 5/5

    Super Spot, magnifique canyon, calme avec pleins de Spot pour faire du feu, par contre très peu de bois