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C'est le parking des ruines de Mileto. Très calme et paisible. Le 12/2/17, la température est très agréable et il y a quelques moustiques ... à voir en été. La journée est payante. En été, il y aura du mouvement pendant la journée mais pour dormir c'est un bon endroit (à voir si moustiques). presence de chiens très tranquilles

This is the Mileto Ruins parking lot. Very quiet and peaceful. On 12/2/17 the temperature is very pleasant and there are a few mosquitoes ... to be seen in the summer. The day is chargeable. In summer there will be movement during the day but for sleeping it is a good place (to see if mosquitoes). presence of very quiet dogs

Dies ist der Parkplatz der Ruinen von Mileto. Sehr ruhig und friedlich. Am 2.12.17 ist die Temperatur sehr angenehm und es gibt ein paar Mücken ... im Sommer zu sehen. Der Tag ist kostenpflichtig. Im Sommer wird es tagsüber Bewegung geben, aber zum Schlafen ist es ein guter Ort (um Mücken zu sehen). Anwesenheit von sehr ruhigen Hunden

Este es el estacionamiento de las Ruinas de Mileto. Muy tranquilo y pacífico. El 2/12/17 la temperatura es muy agradable y hay algunos mosquitos... a ver en verano. El día es con cargo. En verano habrá movimiento durante el día pero para dormir es un buen sitio (a ver si hay mosquitos). presencia de perros muy tranquilos

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Media (9 Recensioni) : 4.11/5
  • 5/5

    Very nice place. we arrived by night and no one was there. On the morning, the guy from the ticket office did not said anything about staying for the night. Some dogs barked for a while but not agressively. On the morning they were friendly. The view of the Antique Theater by night and at sunrise was stunning.

  • 2/5

    don't want to give this place a bad rating as it's an awesome place, however at 2am someone was banging on my back of the van then I checked and they stabbed my bicycle tyre, this made me stressed all night thinking they come back try break in, I kept vigilant till sunrise... I told staff next day they were surprised. there's no cameras and I was alone at night here.

  • 5/5

    Great ancient site, not visited by the huge tour buses! Exceptionally quiet! Absolutely fantastic cell data speeds on TC and Vodafone. Ask for permission at the ticket office (they will say yes). Worth the visit 10/10.

  • 1/5

    Good to visit the site. However impossible to sleep here for us, 5 dogs barking almost constantly for the whole evening we had to leave to sleep elsewhere.

  • 4/5

    Endroit très calme, arrivés à 18h on ne nous a rien fait payer. La vue du théâtre depuis la route est superbe. Seuls points négatifs étant une forte odeur de marécages et les aboiements des chiens la nuit.

  • 5/5

    Great place to park, flat and quiet, the ruins are amazing as well, I was charged 15tl to park and 25tl to visit the ancient city.

  • 5/5

    Pas restés pour dormir, mais le site est superbe (bien ombragé, en face du superbe théâtre), il y a de la place et le personnel est super sympa.

  • 5/5

    We arrived late and it was completly empty and quiet. Stuff arrived in the morning but nobody told us anything. Recommended!

  • 5/5

    Nous n'y sommes pas restés dormir mais ce doit être possible. Ombragé et plat. Prix du parking : 5TL. Accès au site : 12TL/personne.