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Parking du village de Jelo Etno. Nous avons demandé à la réception et ont été autorisés à rester gratuitement pour une nuit. Pas de service

Parking lot of Jelo Etno Village. We asked at the reception and were allowed to stay for free for one night. No service

Parkplatz des Jelo Etno Village. Wir durften hier für eine Nacht umsonst stehen. Kein Service.

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  • 42.8296, 20.1762 (lat, lng)
    N 42°49’46.7112” E 20°10’34.3272”

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    flag-me Montenegro

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    nice and quiet after sunset and once the sawmill is closed. The resort seems closed so no permission to ask

  • 3/5

    A great spot for one night if self sufficient in a van. The owners seem fine that you stay there abs it’s quiet. Don’t be put off by the approach road (a wood merchant and scruffy). The place is fine and good for a border crossing.